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Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts is a multi-venue performing arts center that has hosted everything from big Broadway shows to important lecturers, from weddings and banquets to ballet and jazz, and from comedians to classical music. This world-class facility's four performance spaces, large adjoining lobbies and support areas comprise 176,000 square feet, taking up just over a one-block area.

One of Anchorage's most unique gathering places, the Alaska Center is where people come to celebrate the performing arts and other important social occasions.

Performance Spaces

The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts houses four amazing theatres:
Atwood Concert Hall

Atwood Concert HallAcoustically sensitive and dramatically designed, the largest venue in the Alaska Center is the Evangeline Atwood Concert Hall. It showcases symphonic, chamber and popular music presentations as well as dance and Broadway musicals. The star burst ceiling in the auditorium of the Atwood Concert Hall, radiating out from the proscenium arch in reds, gold and greens, stunningly captures the effect of an aurora borealis.

Evangeline Atwood was a noted historian, author of several books and Anchorage’s most famous hostess. She and her husband Robert Atwood (owner of the Times and champion of Alaska statehood) arrived in Alaska in 1935.

The Atwood Concert Hall seats approximately 2,000 people across three levels.

Atwood Concert Hall Events
Discovery Theatre

Discovery TheatreRecognized as an excellent setting for theatre, opera, dance, film and musical presentations, the Discovery Theatre boasts a stage in size equal to the Atwood Concert Hall with a seating capacity of approximately 700.

The auditorium of the Discovery Theatre is characterized by long, sweeping curves, defining partitions and balconies and a ceiling of silvery, saucer-shaped acoustical discs. The seat upholstery, a tapestry designed by Alaskan resident Paula Dickey entitled Salmonberries, adds to the overall effect with a palette of rose and forest green.

The Discovery Theatre seats approximately 700 people across two levels.

Discovery Theatre Events
Sydney Laurence Theatre

Sydney Laurence Theatre The asymmetrical seating arrangement in the Laurence Theatre, with open boxes on the sides, creates a strong dramatic effect. The twilight palette of blues, grays and mauves is reinforced in the seating upholstery, designed by Alaskan resident Hugh McPeck, entitled Forest Floor.

Sydney Laurence (1865-1940) was the foremost painter of Alaskan landscapes. He came to Alaska in 1904 in search of gold and found painting to be more productive. His large canvas of Denali is part of the Smithsonian Institution's National Collection of Fine Arts. The Anchorage Museum of History and Art has an entire gallery dedicated to his work.

The Sydney Laurence Theatre seats approximately 300 people across two levels.

Sydney Laurence Theatre Events
Elvera Voth Hall

Voth Hall The Alaska Center kicked off its 15th Anniversary Celebration in October, 2003 with the Grand Opening of Elvera Voth Hall, a performance and rehearsal space located on the Center's second level. Voth Hall is a supremely flexible space perfect for a variety of uses.

The Center's newest space boasts a sprung floor and state-of-the-art acoustic panels that swing out from two walls. Installed above Voth Hall’s entrance is an exquisite metal and neon sculpture entitled Nature's Illumination, created by Girdwood, Alaska artists, Joy and Drew Motsinger. The artwork was included in the hall’s construction through the Municipality of Anchorage's 1% for Art Program.

Elvera Voth was a faculty member at UAA and at the Anchorage Community College. She became the third director of the Anchorage Community Chorus and founded the Alaska Chamber Singers in 1986. She moved to Kansas in 1994 and in 1996 established the East Hill Singers, a choir comprised of community members and inmates from the East Unit of the Lansing Correctional Facility.

Elvera Voth Hall Events

Lobbies & Other Spaces

The architecture and interior design of the lobbies was meant to bring to mind bright Alaskan summers even in the darkest months. The colorful lobby carpet, a floral display entitled Arctic Poppies, designed by local artist Nancy Taylor Stonington, and the tall forest green columns climbing four stories, create an enjoyable park-like setting. Large, ceiling-high windows allow daylight to stream into the lobbies.

The Lorene Harrison Lobby provides entrance to the Evangeline Atwood Concert Hall, the Carr-Gottstein Lobby to the Discovery Theatre, and the Anchorage Daily News Lobby to the Sydney Laurence Theatre. The Sky Bridge connects The Center to the Egan Center and offers a unique space for receptions.

The CenterTix box office is located in the Carr Gottstein Lobby on street level. To reach the CenterTix office, enter through the doors on 6th Avenue across from City Hall. The administrative offices are located in the Lorene Harrison Lobby on street level. To reach the administrative offices, enter through the doors on 5th Avenue under across from the Egan Center.

Also located on the street level of the Lorene Harrison Lobby, the Carr Family Patron's Lounge is handsomely decorated with plush upholstered furniture and plasma-screen televisions. The Center's donors enjoy use of this cozy room before and during intermission of all Atwood Concert Hall and Anchorage Opera events, with a full bar and assortment of light snacks. Read more about the Patron Lounge.

Carr Gottstein Lobby Map Lorene Harrison Lobby Map

Points of Interest

Facility Tours

Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

Public Tours
Public tours of this world-class facility are offered by appointment only. Please call 907-263-2900 to arrange a tour. Tours begin in the Lorene Harrison Lobby. When coming for your scheduled tour, please check in at the Alaska Center's administrative offices.

Backstage Tours
Tours for school groups or organizations sponsoring after-school programs may be arranged. Dates and times are dependent on staff and space availability. Rehearsals and technical work sometimes prohibit access to stages. Tours typically last 45-60 minutes. Please contact the front desk at 263-2900 or [email protected].


We have a beautiful ArtsWalk inside the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. The art work displayed throughout the facility was created as part of the Percent for Art program when the building was constructed in the late '80s.

When performances are at the Center, items can be viewed in the public spaces. Otherwise, the ArtsWalk needs to be arranged.

One Percent for Art

In 1975, the state legislature passed the Percent for Art in Public Places statute requiring the expenditure of up to one percent of the capital construction costs of public buildings for the acquisition and permanent installation of artwork. The following items were part of the original art installation projects.

Original designs by three Anchorage-area artists, selected from entries in a nationally advertised competition, are featured in the building as custom-manufactured carpet and upholstery fabrics. The artists' patterns and colors were used by the architects as the basis for the interior design of the building. The artists, architects and members of the art selection jury worked together to resolve questions such as scale of pattern, shade of color and details of weave.

  • Lobby Carpeting

    Lobby Carpeting - Alaskan Poppies by Nancy Taylor Stonington
    Photo by Adam Elliott

  • Discovery Theatre Upholstery

    Discovery Theatre Upholstery - Salmonberry by Paula Dickey
    Photo by Adam Elliott

  • Sydney Laurence Upholstery

    Sydney Laurence Upholstery - Forest Floor by Hugh McPeck
    Photo by Adam Elliott

Other Artwork for 1% for the Arts

  • Byron Birdsall Artwork

    Artwork by Byron Birdsall

  • Double Walrus

    Double Walrus by Peter Smith

  • The First Time I Saw the Midnight Sun

    The First Time I Saw the Midnight Sun by James Schoppert

  • Inusugaaq

    Inusugaaq by Edna Davis Jackson

  • Lift the Curtain On...

    Lift the Curtain On... by Carole Aoki

  • Male and Female

    Male and Female by Alex Frankson

  • Mask by Kathleen Carlo

    Mask by Kathleen Carlo

  • Mask by John Kailukiak

    Mask by John Kailukiak
    Photo by Adam Elliott

  • Moon by Al Kaloke

    Moon by Al Kaloke

  • Northern Domes

    Northern Domes by Douglas Hansen

  • Northern Illuminations

    Northern Illuminations by Joy & Drew Motsinger

  • Daily News Lobby Paintings

    Paintings by Jeanne Laurence

  • Paintings by Sydney Laurence

    Painting by Sydney Laurence

  • Painting by Sydney Laurence

    Painting by Sydney Laurence

  • Painting by Sydney Laurence

    Paintings by Sydney Laurence

  • Wood Carving and Paintings by Jeanne Laurence

    Paintings by Jeanne Laurence and Wood Carving

  • Puffin Spirit

    Puffin Spirit by John Hoover

  • Raven

    Raven by Nathan Jackson

  • Restroom Stall Paintings

    Restroom Stall Paintings

  • Restroom Stall Paintings

    Restroom Stall Paintings

  • Seal Eating Fish

    Seal Eating Fish by Fred Anderson

  • Self Portrait

    Self Portrait by Bert Ryan

  • Shaman

    Shaman by Hubert Kokuluk

  • Skywalker

    Skywalker by Shala Dobson and James Dault

  • Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl by Nick Charles

  • Untitled Mask

    Untitled Mask

  • Visual Music by Eric Staller

    Visual Music by Eric Staller

  • Walrus

    Walrus by Paul Tiulana

  • Wood Carving

    Wood Carving (from the original Sydney Laurence Theatre)

Other Artwork at the Center

  • 25th Anniversary Mask

    25th Anniversary Mask by Drew Michaels

  • Art Print by Steve Gordon

    Art Print by Steve Gordon

  • Asian Rhapsody

    Artful Violin Auction 2008 - Asian Rhapsody by Sandra Harrington

  • Bust of Evangeline Atwood

    Bust of Evangeline Atwood

  • Bust of Sydney Laurence

    Bust of Sydney Laurence by Carl Romanelli

  • Comedy Mask Stained Glass

    Comedy Mask Stained Glass by Gretchen Cuddy

  • Celebrity Hallways

    Dr. Lee Wilkins Celebrity Hallways

  • Celebrity Hallways

    Dr. Lee Wilkins Celebrity Hallways

  • Marble Mazes

    Marble Mazes by Ed Carpenter

  • Photo by Gregory M. Carr

    Photo by Gregory M. Carr

  • Showtime!

    Showtime! by Byron Birdsall

  • Tragedy Mask Stained Glass

    Tragedy Mask Stained Glass by Gretchen Cuddy

  • Wild Salmon on Parade 2007

    Wild Salmon on Parade 2007 - T'a Shi Quinnat (Spring Chinook Song) by Laurie B Wood

  • Wild Salmon on Parade 2006

    Wild Salmon on Parade 2006 - Fish-O-Phone 70 Cohos Led the Big Parade by Chris Floyd

  • Wild Salmon on Parade 2005

    Wild Salmon on Parade 2005 - Elfish the King by Debra Dubac

Planet Walk

The sun is just outside our stage door!

Anchorage's Light Speed Planet Walk website

Town Square Park

Time Square Park In 1984, when the Municipality of Anchorage began to build the downtown performing arts center, land was set aside to construct Town Square Park. Beginning in 1988, the Parks & Recreation Department worked with AWWU and ML&P to develop a plan for Town Square Park. Initial plans envisioned a central pool and ice skating area connected to the four corners of the park with exposed aggregate walks.

Planners elected to preserve the historic Kimball's Store, built in 1927 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, on one corner of the park. In 1989, the Parks & Recreation Department and its partners began to raise funds to complete the project.

In 1991, the Friends of Town Square organizations began fundraising by selling bricks that would be engraved with the donor's name and placed in the park. Furthermore, the Downtown Anchorage Association raised funds for this project by securing sponsorships for 100 trees, the Alascom Holiday Tree and over 13,000 bricks. The directory of brick locations and maps are available at the Center administrative office during regular office hours. Call (907) 263-2900 for more information.

In 2008, improvements were made to Town Square Park as part of the renewal of Downtown Anchorage.

Features & Amenities

  • Decorative landscape
  • Tree-lined walkways
  • Flower garden in the summer
  • Benches and gathering areas

Find more information here.


CenterTix is committed to serving our customers who experience a disability or who have special needs. Accessible seats for customers who have a substantial mobility impairment are available for every show. Accessibility Webpage
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