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88 Keys Campaign

Goal: To purchase the first ever 9-foot Steinway grand piano that will make its permanent home in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

For more information, please visit our 88 Keys Campaign page.


Thank you to everyone who supports the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts through Pick.Click.Give, the Alaska State Permanent Fund program that allows Alaskans to donate a portion of their PFD to eligible nonprofits in Alaska. Thanks to Pick.Click.Give., ACPA receives support from hundreds of donors statewide. Please remember us when you register for your PFD and Pick.Click.Give.

LovAlaska for the Performing Arts - support us with your PFD!

By giving through Pick.Click.Give., you join others to become an important force in bettering our communities and our state. For those of you who already support the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, we appreciate your gifts and hope you will use this option to make an additional donation.

Don't miss out on participating this year! PFD registration begins January 1. When you register for your dividend, select the option 'The Gift of Giving' and find us under the 'Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.' Please share your name with us so we can recognize your gift and keep you updated on our future activities. Click and follow the instructions to make a new donation, or an additional gift.

For more information about this program, please visit www.pickclickgive.org, or please contact Codie Costello, VP, Strategic Development & Communications, at [email protected]


Planned Giving

Planned giving, or estate planning, helps you determine the most appropriate ways to address the needs of your loved ones while reflecting your personal wishes. By making these arrangements now you can benefit those who mean the most to you-including the charitable causes you support.

Many people assume there is no need to consider estate planning because they don't meet a certain level of personal wealth. Your assets include not just money but also:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Equity in a home
  • Personal and group life insurance
  • Deferred employee benefits
  • The value of a business

Wouldn't you rather determine what happens to your tangible and hard earned possessions rather than leaving it to the government to decide? Whether you'd like to see your estate go to family, a charitable organization, your neighbor or all of the above, estate planning helps you accomplish both financial and charitable goals. It allows supporters of modest means to make a substantial gift while protecting themselves and their families.

Below is a PDF with wording for the various types of bequests that can be made through your will. If you have questions, need advice or require more specific language please contact your financial advisor or review the Bequest Language form.

Bequest Language

Please remember the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Inc., in your will or estate plan, and be sure to tell us if you have already. We would be honored to have the opportunity to recognize you now!

Information to consider when making a charitable gift:

Tax Savings: Federal tax laws make it possible to eliminate taxes on funds given for charitable purposes. Because funds used to make charitable gifts are deducted from your taxable income/assets, you might be able to give more than you thought you could!

Gifts of Cash: All tax deductible gifts received and processed by December 31, 2015 qualify as a gift in 2015. Through gifts of cash you can eliminate or reduce income tax on up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

Other Gifts: Gifts of property such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other appropriate assets that have increased in value since you have owned them can allow you extra tax savings.

Give from your IRA: Congress has extended tax-free gifts from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) through 2011. The tax legislation permits individuals over age 70-1/2 to arrange direct gifts from their IRAs to qualified charitable organizations, such as the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, up to a maximum amount of $100,000 per year. However, if both you and your spouse have IRAs set up in your respective names, each of you is entitled to a separate $100,000 limitation.

Leaving a Legacy: There are many ways in which individuals and families can choose to contribute to their favorite not-for-profit group(s). Wills, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other planning vehicles provide excellent ways to leave long lasting contributions to ensure your charitable interests live on.



Join others like Patrick Stewart, Tap Dogs, Hal Holbrook, Cloris Leachman and hundreds of arts patrons! When you Take-a-Seat at the Center, your name or the name of your family or friends will be engraved on a brass plaque and permanently affixed on the back of an available seat of your choice in one of our three largest theatres. A unique birthday gift, memorial or romantic gesture! Plus, your tax-deductible donation will support the operations of the facility and its programs.

Take-A-Seat Prices | Orchestra
Atwood Concert Hall$250
Discovery Theatre$250
Sydney Laurence Theatre$250

Take-A-Seat Prices | Mezz/Balc
Atwood Concert Hall$100
Discovery Theatre$100
Sydney Laurence Theatre$100

Please contact Erynn Bell, Community Engagement Manager. at [email protected] or 907-263-2923 for assistance.

Faberge Eggs

In November 2008, long time Center Donor, Dorothy Law Doubleday, gifted the remainder of her collection of Faberge Eggs to the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts' Center Fund – a fund created to further the mission of the Center and benefit activities within the facility. In 2006 and 2007, Dorothy worked closely with the Center to sell 2 eggs, The Kiev Egg and The Gateway to Freedom Egg, from her original collection of 35, in order to seed the new fund.

Sadly, Ms. Doubleday passed away in December 2008. The Center family is honored to have known her and deeply grateful for the incredible gift she left to us. She will be remembered always and forever missed.

Each of these masterpieces by Theo Faberge and Sarah Faberge, direct descendents of Karl Faberge, is signed and numbered and comes with all original paperwork and display cases.

See below for a slideshow of the eggs. If you are interested in a particular piece, there are 33 in the Center's Doubleday Faberge Egg "St. Petersburg Collection" - a number of which are part of closed editions.

  • Autumn Egg

    Height: 135 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    101 SPC-AUT YEAR: 1992
    Medium: Crystal, Vermeil, Sterling Silver with cabochon ruby

    The Hand painted forest of English trees in an array of autumn shades adorn the lead crystal egg. Looking through the mist, and opening the Egg, the scene is set with the vermeil stags rutting, whilst the doe watches from the safetly of the trees, all crafted in sterling silver. The egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown in vermeil, set with a cabochron ruby, and completes the Seasons series.

  • Birth of the Cinema Egg

    Height: 160 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 250
    108 SPC-CIE YEAR: 1995
    Medium: Fine bone china, bisque glaze porcelain, gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, cabochon ruby

    Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Commercial Cinema, the creation reflects on the glory of these past theatre palaces and the need to preserve this great architectural and cinematic legacy. The hand painted porcelain expereinced by those who entered. The suprise, the Director in vermail supervising the filming, representinbg the people that brought the film to fruition. Turn the hidden lever and his chair raises and turns, to enable him to view each scene before him.

  • Brotherhood Egg

    Height: 145 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 250
    151 SPC-BE YEAR: 1992
    Medium: Gold vermeil, sterling silver silver onyx and clear crystal with cabochon ruby

    The Brotherhood Egg was inspired by the memories and dreams of Father Flanagan, founder of Boys Town and commissioned in observance of Boys Town's 75th anniversary (1917-1992). The Brotherhood Egg reminds us not only of Father Flanagan's great achievements and those of Boys Town, but also of our obligations to our fellow men, women and especially to our children. The outside of the Egg is inspired by Dowd Chapel at Boys Town, dedicated to Father Flanagan's memory. The suprise is the uplifting symbol of Boys Town, the statue of Two Brothers, created in vermeil.

  • Centennial Olympic Games Egg

    Height 220 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 500
    44 SPC-COGE YEAR: 1995
    Medium: Full lead crystal, cranberry crystal, enamel, gold, gold vermeil

    The Olympic Egg celebrates the historic one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Modern Olympic Games and the high ideals assiciated with the Olympic movement of promoting world peace through friendly sporting competition. The Egg also celebrates Atlanta as the host to this great anniversary and the last games of the twentieth century. his Egg draws its inspiration from both the ancient and modern movement. The Olympic flame adorns the Egg as a light to peace and goodwill. The symbol of Atlanta is found in the Phoenix rising. The surprise is the sterling arena where all the athletes come together, inset is the likeness of the 1896 winner's medal a symbol of excellence and achievement.

  • Clover Egg

    Height: 130 mm | 5 1/4 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    253 SPC-CLE YEAR: 1989
    Medium: Crystal, gold, cabochon ruby, with mini clock (quartz)

    A low relief of clover leaves in deep green enamel adorn the surface of the Egg which is made of 24% lead crystal and hand painted with flass enamel and 23 carat gold. The quartz clock face complements the calssic lines of the whole, which is surmounted by the Imperial Crown in vermeil. The base, ornamentally engine turned, is gilded with 24 carat gold. This Egg would not be complete without a surprise - to bring good fortune. The Clover Egg has a single four-leaf clover somewhere upon it.

  • Columbus Egg

    Height: 200mm | 8 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    135 SPC-COE YEAR: 1990
    Medium: Cobalt blue crystal, gold, sterling silver malachite with cabochon ruby

    The Columbus Egg celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of America, This magnificent Egg is created in 24% cobalt blue crystal. The main sail and the crow's-nest are depicted with flowing flag, anchor and chain motif in 23 carat gold. The Egg opens to reveal three sailing ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria passing an island on their way to the New World. The ships, which sail on a sea of vermeil, are made of sterling silver with enamel. The Egg is a symbol of a past New World and the hope and promises of a New World yet to be discovered.

  • Coral Egg

    Height: 135 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    101 SPC-AUT YEAR: 1988
    Medium: Vermeil, sterling silver

    This 24% lead crystal Egg, offset by an Imperial Crown of vermeil, represents the swirling motion of marine life on the ocean. Amid the 'sea bed' of sterling silver coral lie miniature vermeil shells and starfish, completed with tropical fish carved from natural carnelian and grew agate. Beneath the coral - a secret resting place for some treasure of your own.

  • Devil's Egg

    Height: 127 mm | 5 Inches
    Limited Special Edition

    A stunning interpretation of Temptation and Original Sin. An Egg of paradise green crystal entwined with a 23 carat golden serpent, set with a rich enticing ruby eye that dares the Egg to be opened. Its hidden surprise is the Golden Apple of Knowledge from the Tree of Life. In 23 carat gold on crystal, the Apple sits on a sterling silver tray concealing a secret compartment beneath.

  • Dragon's Egg

    Height: 110 mm | 4 1/4 Inches
    Limited Special Editio: 750
    181 SPC-DRE YEAR: 1986
    Medium: Black crystal, gold, with cabochon ruby

    Theo Faberge's creation in tribute to his grandfather Carl Feberge who was one of the first to interpret oriental influence onto jewellery. This the Egg is made from jet black crystal and hand painted with raised 23 carat gold. A design inspired by the delicate work of ancient oriental craftsmen. Finally, the fiery ete of the dragon is a glittering faceted ruby.

  • Egg of the Covenant

    Height: 170 mm | 6 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    104 SPC-EOC YEAR: 1997
    Medium: Full lead crystal, gold vermeil, rubies

    The Egg of the Covenant, created by Theo Faberge was inspired by his belief in the responsibilities of mankind to ensure survival in the modern age. The 24% lead crystal Egg is enhanced with sterling silver and 24 carat gold, surmounted with a small egg enriched with 31 rubies, representing the burning bush. The Egg stands on a plinth surrounded by four decorative Egyptioan obelisks. On opening the Egg, the surprise, the tablet of the Ten Commandments as spoken to Moses on Mount Sinai, inscribed in Hebrew, with English on the certificate to remind us of our obligations.

  • Encore Egg

    Height: 140 mm | 5 3/4 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    104 SPC-EN YEAR: 1992
    Medium: Cranberry crystal, gold, vermeil and cabochon ruby.

    The Encore Egg in rich cranberry hand cut lead crystal, celebrated the 70th birthday of Theo Faberge. The Egg is hand painted with 23 carat gold. The seven swags each represent 10 years in the life of Theo Faberge. The vermeil Russian Imperial Crown turns to open the curtain revealing a scene from Swan lake, two ballet dancers and a swan moving around the stage. Looking through the Egg, the painted backdrop of water can be seen. Lifting the top of the Egg reveals the two ballet dancers in sterling silver and vermeil.

  • Enlighten the People Egg

    Height: 160 mm | 6 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 250
    59 SPC-ETP YEAR: 1993
    Medium: Bone decorated porcelain (bone china), gold, gold vermail, sterling silver

    The 'Enlighten the People' Egg commemorates the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Thomas Jefferson and his passionate commitment to Liberty. Theo Faberge's creation is inspired by Thomas Jefferson's belief that enlightenment leads to freedom and liberation of Congress. The Egg is sculptured in fine bone china, hand painted in an array of colours representing the decorative Great Dome of the magnificent reading room in the Library of Congress. The Egg opens to reveal Jefferson, crafted in vermeil, bu a lectern holding the letter mandating his own great private library to the nation. The American Eagle surmounting the lectern and the floor design are found within the library.

  • Eternity Egg

    Height: 125 mm | 5 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    229 SPC-EE YEAR: 1986
    Medium: Wood (rose)

    If love is forever, what better expression of it, than this beautifully crafted Egg. It is made of bubinga wood from Central Asia and the Imperial Crown if Russia is of vermeil with a cabochon ruby. The base is 24 carat gold plated and ornamentally turned. The body of the Egg is finely inlaid, and concealed in its heart is a specially designed compartment if African blackwood that will safely hold a precious ring.

  • Gateway to Freedom Egg | SOLD

    Height: 140 mm | 5 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 250
    126 SPC-FRE YEAR: 1990
    Medium: Cranberry crystal, gold, sterling silver

    The Freedom Egg stands testimony to the momentous changes occurring in Eastern Europe. Rich cranberry crystal is decorated with a 24 carat gold illustration of Winged Victory driving her chariot. On the reverse, two doves of peace hold a wreath. The Egg opens to reveal a sterling silver replica of the Brandenburg Gate, once a symbol of division yet today a symbol of freedom, and of the human spirit.

  • Golden Ring Egg

    Height: 123 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    106 SPC-GRE YEAR: 1996
    Medium: Full lead crystal (black), gold, gold vermeil, gold enamel, cabochon ruby.

    Inspired by a grouping of old Russian villages, the Golden Ring Egg symbolises the remarkable places of historical and cultural interest which still survive in Russia today. The jet black crystal Egg is hand painted with enamels. The wall of the village surrounds the Egg, giving security within. The Egg is surmounted with the Imperial Russian Crown in vermeil with a cabochon ruby.

  • Icon Egg

    Height: 120 mm | 4 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    203 SPC-ICE YEAR: 1990
    Medium: Jet black crystal and gold

    The inspiring fable of St George and the Dragon is beautifully depicted in 23 carat gold on jet black crystal. This magical Egg symbolises man's courage and faith in the face of such insurmountable odds.

  • Imari Egg

    Height: 145 mm | 5 3/4 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 500
    107 SPC-IM YEAR: 1992
    Medium: Crystal, hand embellished with 24k gold and sterling silver

    In the 17th century, British sailors discovered Imari, a port in Japan that created very fine porcelain, Imari used rich colourings including gold to enhance the most exotic subjects depicting the Japanese prcelain. Each Egg is entirely hand painted onto rich cobalt blue porcelain. The Egg opens to reveal a magnificent sterling silver Pagoda and Japanese Temple embelished with gold. The inspiration came from Theo Faberge's fond memories, especially those of his childhoold. The Egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown in vermeil set with cabochon ruby.

  • Kiev Egg | SOLD

    Height: 170 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition 750
    114 SPC-KIE YEAR: 1995
    Medium: Gold vermeil, gold, hand enamel, lapis, lazuli, sapphire, white marble

    The third creation of Russian splendour by Theo Faverge was inspired by the elegance and architectural beauty of the cathedrals and churches of the city of Kiev. A sterling silver Egg surmounted by the Imperial Crown, enriched with 24 carat gold and cobalt blue enamel, rests on a white marble base. The intricate towers reaching for the sky. On opening the Egg, the surprise, a minieature vermeil stand surmounted with rubies and a lapis lazuli capona, displayed on the splendid brocade, which adorns the Imperial Palace of St. Petersburg.

  • Moscow Egg

    Height: 175 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    122 SPC-ME YEAR: 1994
    Medium: Gold, hold vermeil, sterling silver, lapis, rose quartz, malachite, tiger eye, rubies, cabochon ruby and agate

    The Imperial City of Moscow, favoured by the Faverge Dynasty and St. Basil's Cathedral, were the inspirations of Theo Faberge to design the Moscow Egg. The fine gold and sterling silver Egg reflects the architecture of the Cathedral in the winter months, with the intricate towers and cupolas. The cupolas are hand carved and faceted from lapis, rose quartz, tiger's eye and malachite. On opening the Egg, the surprise, a vermeil stand bearing the Imperial Russian Eagles, woven in gold and silk, offset with faceted rubies.

  • Ocean Egg

    Height: 135 mm | 4 1/4 Inches
    Limited Special Edition 500
    110 SPC-OCE YEAR: 1996
    Medium: Full lead crystal, gold, gold vermeil, enamel, cabochon ruby

    The Ocean Egg, a creation by Theo Faberge depicting the myserious marine life within the deep swaying waters of the ocean. The Egg, made of 24% lead crystal with delicately hand painted aquatic grasses in 23 carat gold, gently surround the colourful tropical fish. The red and white clown fish has discovered treasure, a faceted ruby, lifted out of the sand by the swirling current on the seabed. Looking through the Egg, a shy Sea Horse can be seen hidden amongst the swaying leaves. The Egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown in vermeil with a cabochan ruby and stands on an ornamentally turned 23 carat glided decorative base.

  • Odessa Egg

    Height: 190 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    104 SPC-ODE YEAR: 1997
    Medium: Gold, vermeil, sterling silver, enamels and cabochon ruby

    The Odessa Egg completes athe series of four creations by Theo Faberge inspired by the magnificent architecture of the four great cities of former Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Odessa, where Carl Faberge had his shops and workshops. The Odessa Egg, portraying the Hero City as it was known in Russia, is stylised with an adaption of the Potemkin Steps. The Russian double headed eagle looks to both the continents of Europe and Asia. The sterling silver Egg, with 24 carat gold is surmounted with the Imperial Crown and detailed with crossed anchors. Within the Egg,a miniature vermeil screen enhanced with naval images. Within the screen, the hand woven silk brocade of the Russian double headed eagle.

  • Orchid Egg

    Height: 160 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 250
    113 SPC-OE YEAR: 1994
    Medium: Fine bone china, over glaze decorated, bisque, gold vermeil, cabochon ruby.

    The Orchid Egg, a creation by Theo Faverge of his favorite flower, is crafted in fine porcelain and adorned with delicately hand painted exotic birds and butterflies resting in gthe foliage. LOooking into the Egg, a beautiful cluster of brilliantly coloured orchids, intricately cradted in a fine bone china. The Egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown with a cabochon ruby.

  • Peterhof Egg

    Height: 160 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 500
    109 SPC-PET YEAR: 1997
    Medium: Fine porcelain, gold, silver, vermeil

    The magnificence of the Palaces and Parks of Peterhof inspired Theo Faberge to design the Peterhof Egg. Hand painted and sculptured in fine bone china in relief, the front is taken from a 19th century painting of the facade of the Great Palace. The Neptune Fountain, within the upper gardens of the Parks is featured upon the reverse with three mythical golden dolphins supporting the Egg. The Peterhof Egg is surmounted with the dome of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul created in vermeil. Within, a replica in sterling silver and gold of the Throne Room of the Great palace, detailed with the portrait of Catherine the Great hanging behind the throne.

  • Phoenix Egg

    Height: 150 mm | 6 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 500
    16 SPC-PHO YEAR: 1990
    Medium: Bone china, gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver and cabochon ruby

    The Phoenix Egg is inspired by Greek Mythology, which tells of a bird of beauty reborn from the flames of destruction, thus becoming a symbol of hope, immortality and spiritual rebirth. The story, hand painted on fine English bone china is depicted through four panels consisting of anxiety, tranquility, hope and fulfilment. The Egg opens to reveal the sterling silver phoenix, set with sapphire eyes, rising defiantly freom the vermeil flames.

  • Rose Garden Egg

    Height: 135 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    113 SPC-RGE YEAR: 1994
    Medium: Full lead crystal, hand enameled etched and hand cut, gold, gold vermeil, cabochon ruby

    The Rose Garden Egg delicately portrays a bouquet of roses hand painted in enamel, surrounded by a 23 carat gold trellis abundant with blooms. The Rose Garden Egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown in vermeil with a cabochon ruby and stands on an ornamentally turned decorative base. The surprise on turning the Eggs, the rose bouquet appears mysteriously magnified within the lead crystal.

  • Russian Winter Egg

    Height: 140 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    102 SPC-WER YEAR: 1993
    Medium: Lead crystal, bone china, gold, gold vermeil and cabochon ruby

    Inspired by the Russian tradition of cloisomne enameling, this process has been transferred to an Egg of lead crystal. The rich enamels portray the colours of the winter countryside. The Egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown set with a cabocon ruby. On opening the Egg, the snow scene is set by two Russian peasant children, one seated upon a vermeil troika while the other holds his pet saluki dog.

  • Scrooge McDuck Egg | SOLD

    Height: 146 mm | 5 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 250

    The Scrooge McDuck Midnight Egg is the result of a unique collaboration between one of Disney's legendary artists Carl Barks and Theo Faberge. The exterior of the crystal Egg has been hand etched and enameled to depict the exterior of the Treasury Bilding. Where else would one expect to find the world's richest self-made duck, but wallowing in the gold and treasure within the geart of the Treasure at midnight. This humorous scene has been created from sterling silver, gold, enamel and precious stones.

  • St. Petersburg Egg

    Height: 175 mm | 5 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    192 SPC-STC YEAR: 1993
    Medium: Gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, onyx, enamels, cabochon ruby

    A creation by Theo Faberge inspired by the homeland of his forefathers. The richness and intricate detail of this design reflect the opulence of the Imperial Court, the magnificent palaces and elegant architectural style of the great city, St. Petersburg. A sterling silver Egg surmounted by the Imperial Crown, enriched with 24 carat gold rests on a snow white marble base. The delicately ornate structure of this object symbolises the palaces in St. Petersburg. On opening the Egg the surprise, a miniature replica of the splendid brocade adorning the Imperial Palace, woven on the very same looms.

  • Summer Egg

    Height: 110 mm | 4 1/2 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    102 SPC-SME YEAR: 1989
    Medium: Crystal, gold and cabochon

    As the days draw longer, The Summer Egg re-creates the sweet smelling meadows of the countryside. Adorned with delicately hand painted enamel wild flowers, soft fruits and brightly coloured butterflies. The scene is set in a 23 carat gold basket cut into an opaque 24% lead crystal Egg, and crowned by the vermeil Imperial Crown inset with a cabochron ruby.

  • Swag Egg

    The Swag egg represents Theo Fabergé's skills with wood and lathe. It is made of exotic cocobolo wood encircled with swags and topped with the Russian Imperial Crown, all of vermeil. The Crown is set with a fine cabochon ruby.

  • Tropical Egg

    Height: 180 mm | 7 Inches
    Limited Special Edition: 750
    104 SPC-TE YEAR: 1992
    Medium: Vermeil, crystal, hand carved zoisite with cabochon ruby

    The Tropical Egg is a testament to Theo faberge's concern for the worlds environment. The vermeil tree is abundant with flowering hand enameled leaves gilded on to the exterior of the lead crystal Egg, symbolising the sanctuary of the earth's forests. Within the Egg, an exotic parrot made of zoisite, with a yellow jasper beak and cabochon ruby eyes is perched in the branches of the tree. The bird symbolises the majesty of earth's wildlife, also its vulnerability. The Egg can be removed to reveal the parrot sitting in the bare tree, serving as a warning to the possible plight of nature at the hands of humans.

  • Yuletide Egg

  • Collection Contributer - Dorothy Law Doubleday

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