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Accessibility Information

Are scooters allowed in the theatre?

Scooters are allowed in designated areas. For reserved seating, these seats are marked with a "W".

Exception: A standard scooter device cannot be accommodated in seats E 705, E 706, H 702, or H 703 at the front of the Atwood Concert Hall.

Please check the "Accessible Services" tab in the description of each show for information about appropriate seat locations for audience members seated in a scooter.

To ensure that emergency egress remains unimpeded, scooters are not allowed to rest in the aisles of the theatre. Anyone transfering to a theatre seat is encouraged to transfer to a wheelchair in the lobby before entering the theatre.

Do the Center theatres have elevators?

The Center has elevators to all levels of all theatres.

For the Atwood Concert Hall, the elevator is located in the Lorene Harrison Lobby, which faces Town Square Park (at F Street between 5th and 6th Avenues). For the Discovery Theatre, Sydney Laurence Theatre and Voth Hall, the elevators are located in the Carr-Gottstein Lobby, which faces 6th Avenue between F and G Streets. Each theatre has its own elevator that is clearly marked at street level.

How do I find out if a performance is interpreted for the hearing impaired and where to sit to see the interpreter?

The event description will let you know if an ASL Interpretor can or has been arranged for a show.

Go to our listing of all ASL Interpreted performances.

You may also contact CenterTix by calling 907-263-2787 (TDD 907-263-2717) or emailing centertix@alaskapac.org. For interpreted shows, seats with a view of the interpreter are marked with an "i". In the Atwood Concert Hall, the interpreter is usually positioned in front of row E in section 700 (orchestra). In the Discovery Theatre, the interpreter is usually positioned in front of row E in section 500. In the Sydney Laurence Theatre, the interpreter is usually positioned in front of row A in section 300.

Who decides what shows will be interpreted for the hearing impaired?

Although several organizations that present events in the Center arrange for ASL interpreters on a regular basis, additional shows may be interpreted if the promoter or presenter receives a request from a ticket holder at least three (3) weeks prior to the show.

Do you have assistive listening devices?

Yes, the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts provides assistive listening devices for all performances in the Atwood Concert Hall, Discovery Theatre and Sydney Laurence Theatre. Simply go to the House Manager podium before entering the theatre. Your drivers license or a credit card will be held as collateral. After the performance, the house manager will be waiting for you with your license or credit card.

For performances outside the Center, please contact the venue directly to determine what assistance can be provided.

How do I purchase a wheelchair-accessible seat?

In each of the Center's theatre spaces both accessible and wheelchair-accessible seats are available on all levels and in all price categories.

Accessible seats are available to patrons whose needs require access without having to travel stairs, entrances requiring limited number of steps to seats, and for patrons using a wheelchair that are able to transfer into theatre seats. Wheelchair-accessible seats are available to patrons who will remain in their wheelchair for the event. These seats are available online at www.centertix.net, over the phone at 907-263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage) or in person at the CenterTix box office.

When you purchase tickets over the phone or at the box office, please inform the sales associate of your needs. When you purchase tickets online, select the performance you wish to see and then click on the section where you would like to sit on the theatre seating map. A wheelchair-accessible section includes this icon: Wheelchair-Accessible Seating.

If the event is General Admission (i.e. no assigned seats), you may purchase any seat, but if you are attending an event in the Center and need a wheelchair-accessible seat, please contact CenterTix at 907-263-2787 or email centertix@alaskapac.org. Ticket holders for general admission non-Center events should contact the venue for information and/or assistance.

If all seats designated as wheelchair accessible are already sold, how can a patron in a wheelchair be accommodated?

Please contact ticket staff to help select an alternate seat that may serve. Some aisle seats have no stairs interfering with access. If a patron escort can transfer their patron friend into a permanent seat and be responsible for them, this may be a viable option.

What happens to the wheelchair if a patron transfers to a permanent seat?

The patron's wheelchair is moved by an usher to a lobby space as close as possible, out of the way of safety evacuation routes.

Who can help me get a Center-provided wheelchair for use in the building?

When a show is about to begin, the House Manager can arrange a wheelchair for a patron. Please inquire at the box office or with any usher for assistance locating the House Manager. If arranged in advance, please contact CenterTix at 263-2787 or centertix@alaskapac.org.

I already have tickets but now I need a different seat to accommodate a disability. What should I do?

CenterTix is happy to exchange seats to an more accessible seat as long as such seats are available. Check our Ticketing FAQ for exchange information.

I am coming to a performance at the Center and need some assistance. What should I do?

After purchasing your tickets, send us an alert.

Please contact CenterTix at 907-263-2787 or email centertix@alaskapac.org to alert our staff about when you are coming to the show and what kind of assistance you'll need.

Does the Center provide wheelchairs for patron use?

Yes, the Center has a limited number of non-motorized wheelchairs available for patron use while in the building; these chairs cannot be taken past the curb of the Center. To arrange to have a wheelchair waiting for you, please contact CenterTix.

What is the Center's policy on Service Animals?

Only service dogs and ponies are welcome. Service animals are not allowed to sit in the aisles. If your dog cannot sit under your seat, please contact CenterTix to find an appropriate seat location that has sufficient space beside it to accommodate your service dog.

How early should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to curtain in order to arrange your parking needs and enter the theatre in time for the show. The theatres generally open for seating 30 minutes before curtain.

What happens to Patron's mobility devices if these items cannot go into the theatre?

If items such as crutches or folding walkers can fit safely in an area close by then they will be stowed nearby, otherwise they will be kept in the lobby. Strollers are kept in the lobby too.

Is there a wheelchair-accessible entrance to the theatres?

All theatres have accessible areas for seating. Some require entrance through designated doors. Please contact CenterTix for details.

What is the Pace Door?

The Pace Door is a separate entrance to the Atwood Concert Hall that allows patrons with disabilities direct access to the front of the theater. Only the front row of section 700 and the aisle between sections 500 and 700 are accessible through this door.

The Pace Door is located on 5th Avenue between F and G Streets and is only open to the public immediately prior to an event in the Atwood Concert Hall. We recommend that you wait in the Lorene Harrison Lobby until the house is officially opened by the presenter which usually occurs 30 minutes prior to curtain. An announcement will be made in the lobby once the house is open for seating. The Pace Door does not provide direct access to restroom facilities or concessions.

Is there an usher standing outside the Pace door or do you knock or what?

An usher is stationed just inside the Pace Door immediately prior to and during Atwood Concert Hall events. Latecomers who arrive after the show begins should come to the Harrison Lobby first to alert staff to meet them at the Pace Door.

What is "patron services"?

"Patron services" is a term the Center uses for information, programs, and special assistance we provide to patrons of the Center.

Accessible Services Program

The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts has an Accessible Services Program to better serve patrons who experience disabilities. It is our goal to provide a fully enjoyable experience to all patrons. Through these services, patrons with disabilities should have no hesitation in attending an event at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. For more information, contact CenterTix at 263-2787 (voice) or 263-2713 (TTY). A brochure about the program is available at the CenterTix box office, the Center administrative office as well as from ushers.

Wheelchair Availability: Patrons may borrow a wheelchair, courtesy of the Carolyn Ramey Memorial Fund, for access to and within the theatres. Call CenterTix at 263-2787 for more information. Wheelchair access is available in all theatres. Provisions are made for wheelchairs at the rear of each theatre and the front of the Atwood Concert Hall. Your advance notice to the CenterTix Box Office is requested.

Assistance for hearing impaired, sound from the stage is broadcast directly to you by our in-house listening system. Listening devices are available at the House Manager's podium.

What is the best seating for people who experience disabilities?

The best seats will vary depending upon individual needs. When in doubt, CenterTix staff is ready to assist with choosing the best seating for you and your guests.

CenterTix does not hold seats for people with disabilities. Instead all seats are available at all ticket sales locations including online.

For general admission shows, please purchase any seat to ensure admission. You may wish to contact CenterTix to communicate your needs. We will then pass this information to the event staff to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

For shows with reserved seating, seats that have been designated as appropriate for individuals with disabilities are labeled accordingly.

  • Seats designated for use by individuals with a mobility disability or that can accommodate a person seated in a wheelchair or scooter are labelled with a "W".
  • For ASL interpreted performances, seats that offer a view of the interpreter and are designated for use by individuals who are deaf are labeled with an "i".
  • For patrons who experience some hearing loss, listening devices are available for use in the Atwood Concert Hall, Discovery Theatre, and Sydney Laurence Theatre. Please visit the house manager podium to obtain a headset. A credit card or drivers license will be held as collateral.
  • Some patrons experience limited vision and need to be seated as close to the stage as possible. In these cases, select seats as close to the top of the map as possible to get the seats closest to the stage.

If you need assistance selecting seats, CenterTix staff will make every effort to fulfill your special requests. Please contact us at 263-ARTS or centertix@alaskapac.org.

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