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General Information

Are bags allowed in the theater?

Although bags are allowed on the premises of the Alaska PAC, they are subject to search.

At the discretion of the venue’s representatives, bags may be required to be checked during the performance and not allowed into the theatre.

Are children allowed into events?

Policies regarding children vary. Some venues have a blanket policy about children. Others vary by show.

For events at the Alaska PAC, it is strongly recommended that children under 6 years of age not attend an event except for family events specifically described as such by the presenting organization. Except when posted, all patrons, including children and babies, must have a ticket for admittance. Please check the information posted in the event description for specific information.

Can I use my electronic cigarette during a show?

In accordance with Anchorage Municipal Code 16.65, the public is prohibited from smoking within 20 feet of all exterior doors and inside the building.

The Alaska PAC applies this prohibition to electronic cigarettes as well as all devices that produce smoke or vapor for individual use.

Do you have a coat check?

The Alaska PAC offers a coat check service from October 1 through May 1.

Other venues should be contacted directly about their coat check facilities. Contact information is available on our event venue list.

Venue Contact List


Do you have a mailing list?

You can sign up to be on our mailing list with the "Join Our Mailing List" link at the bottom of this page.

The form asks you to provide both a mailing and an email address. You may also indicate the genres of performing arts that interest you. We then send notifications of upcoming performing arts events that coincide with your interests.

How can I be contacted in case of an emergency?

For Incoming Emergency Calls during performances, dial 263-2916.

Please leave the following information with anyone who may need to contact you during a performance in order to assist facility staff with locating you: the name of the show you are attending and your seat number.

Please silence your pagers, digital watch alarm and cellular telephones before the performance begins.

How can I become an usher?

Ushering in the Arts invites all interested individuals to apply.

Please visit the Ushering in the Arts page for information about joining the volunteer usher corps. Currently, there is a waiting list for participation in this program. You must be 18 years of age, be available to assist at least three times a month September through May, and be able to swiftly evacuate patrons in the event of an emergency.

How do I get in touch with your lost and found?

The staff at the Alaska PAC looks for lost items after each and every performance.

If you lost something in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, venue staff is ready to assist. Alaska PAC staff will check all lost items first and then search the theatre for all lost items.

Please provide as much information about the event date and time and seating area as you can.

Alaska PAC Contact Information


For other venues, contact the venue directly to inquire about their lost and found procedure.

Venue Contact List


I want an audio recording of the performance. Can I bring my own recording device?

Audio recording is strictly prohibited in the Alaska PAC.

Any recording devices brought into the theatre may be confiscated. Please remember that copyright laws are federal laws and carry strict penalties when broken. Many artists provide their own merchandise including performance recordings for sale in the lobby of the venue.

If I arrive late for the performance, will I still be able to get into the theatre?

Late seating is determined on an event-by-event basis by the presenter of the event.

When the presenter permits late seating, the stage manager signals the house manager that it is OK to let people into the theatre. When the presenter prohibits late seating, ushers prevent entry into the theatre until intermission (if there is an intermission). These late seating policies also apply to Center patrons who leave the theatre for any reason during the performance. A television monitor is positioned outside the Atwood Concert Hall, Discovery Theatre and Sydney Laurence Theatre so you can watch the performance in progress.

May I bring balloons?

Balloons and birds are prohibited from entering the public areas of the building.

They can set off fire alarm beam detectors and cause unwarranted safety evacuations.

May I bring my camera or video camera to the show?

Cameras, video cameras and other recording devices are not allowed inside the performance spaces of the Alaska PAC.

Any photographic, video or recording devices discovered inside the theatres may be confiscated. Exceptions to this policy will be posted in the event description.

May we bring food into the theater?

Generally, food that is purchased off site is not allowed inside the venue.

Although concessions are available for most events at the Alaska PAC, food is not allowed in the seating area of the theatres. Bottled water, purchased from vending or from our concessionaire, is permitted in all performance spaces.

What happens if there is an emergency at the event?

The staff of the Alaska PAC has been trained to assist during a variety emergencies. Please bring all emergency situations to the attention of staff as soon as possible.

EMERGENCY Fire Exits: Numerous convenient and clearly marked fire exits are located in all areas of the Alaska PAC. Please note the nearest exit as you take your seat. In case of emergency, the ushers will direct an orderly evacuation.

First Aid: Contact the nearest usher or venue representative.

What is the dress code for the Alaska PAC?

Casual clothing is acceptable for all events.

Although not required, patrons of the arts frequently dress up for opening nights and gala events.

Where is the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts?

The Alaska PAC occupies the entire block between 5th and 6th Avenues and F and G Streets in downtown Anchorage.

The Alaska PAC has two separate lobbies. The Lorene Harrison Lobby (East lobby) services the Atwood Concert Hall and is located on the F Street side of the building facing Town Square Park with entrances on 5th and 6th Avenues. The Carr-Gottstein Lobby (South lobby) services the Discovery Theatre, the Sydney Laurence Theatre, and the Voth Hall and is located on 6th Avenue adjacent to Kaladi Brothers across from Humpy’s Restaurant.

Where should I park?

Public parking is available in several sheltered garages and open-air lots within one block of the Alaska PAC.

Parking Map

Please obey all posted signs.

Who works behind the scenes at the Alaska PAC?

The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. employs 20 full-time staff and approximately 30 part-time staff.

More Info

CenterTix, the official box office for Alaska arts, is a service of the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and is operated by Alaska PAC staff.

Ten resident companies and a variety of organizations present events at the Alaska PAC

Resident Companies

Productions at the Alaska PAC employ members of I.A.T.S.E. Local 918.

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